Top Five Places to Check Out in Singapore – Don’t Leave without Visiting!

Short on time and not sure what are the best things to do in Singapore? Although Singapore is a small island geographically, it’s jam-packed with attractions that can make it difficult to decide which to visit, especially if you are short on time. Below are some of the not-to-be-missed spots in Singapore that will be worth every bit of your time on this little island.

P.S. If you would also like to try the best foods in Singapore, be sure to check out our guide here on where to go.

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Zoo & The Night Safari

One of the best zoos in the world, no trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to the acclaimed Singapore Zoo. From free-ranging orang utan to lions kept in spacious landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by either dry or wet moats, you get to observe these animals in their natural habitats without the artificial cages. You can also get up close to some of these animals by going for the feeding sessions. A delightful experience that will help you get in touch with nature even if you’re not a “zoo person”. Right next door to the zoo is the Night Safari which offers one of the best shows and experiences as well. Hopped onto an open-sided shuttle tram for a close-up and personal experience with these nocturnal critters. Little wonder why it is the most recommended attraction for sightseeing in Singapore!







Marina Bay Sands

One of the most recognizable landmark of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has one of the best night view in Singapore. A stroll around the vicinity is the perfect way to enjoy the night breeze and the beautiful sights the place has to offer. At designated hourly interval, there’s also a music-light show, taking place in front of MBS. You can also catch it across the other end from One Fullerton. If you are visiting in mid July till early August, you can also catch sight of fireworks, as the country prepares for their National Day (Independence Day) Celebrations.

Visit the MBS website for the timings of the show below:








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Definitely a highlight that cannot be missed on your trip, Chinatown has one of the best Singapore food to try and cheap souvenirs to get. Further away from the shopping area, you will find an Indian temple situated within walking distance from another Buddhist temple, perhaps the best testament to the racial harmony policy that has been promoted in this country since Independence. You can also find locals playing Chinese chess near the Tourist Centre next to the Buddhist temple, as well as community art performances during certain festive season.

Tip: Venture beyond the shopping street towards Chinatown Complex that is near the Buddhist Temple, to catch a glimpse of local life by visiting the wet market in the basement and the hawker stalls on the second floor. We would recommend trying the Xiao Long Bao, that is every bit as good as the ones from the famous Din Tai Feng. You can also find one of the cheapest chicken rice in Singapore here at $2.50 a plate. Be forewarned that the wait for food can take quite a while. For those who are still hungry, you can pop by the nearby shopping mall, Chinatown Point, for some Bak Kut Teh (Meat Bone Soup) as well as some local desserts for the sweet-tooth.

If you are interested in a comparison of how life has changed for locals in the past 50 years with its modern amenities, check out the local supermarket called NTUC located within the mall which offers a stark contrast with the wet market found at the Chinatown Complex.


Merlion Park

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend coming all the way just to see the Merlion, but the night scene here should definitely be part of your itinerary. As it can get rather hot in the day, I would suggest coming here in the late evening and walk towards the Marina Bay Sands area, perhaps after dinner. Alternatively, if you are the running sort of person instead, check out this jogging trail which begins from Merlion Park.







Other Highlight Events

If you still have not bought your tickets, do try to time your visit to coincide with events or festivals happening in town such as the Light to Night Festival, when the town puts on its best shows to celebrate. To find out what’s current happening, you can visit this site for the list of events that are happening this year.