Rest is misunderstood.

Many people think to rest in life is to lose out in the great competition called society. This fear of losing out (FOLO) makes us work endlessly to chase after money to buy s* we don’t need to impress others we don’t care about. Life becomes like a hamster on the running wheel, the harder we run, the faster the wheel turns. But no matter how hard we work at it, we continue to have no purpose or place.

We become materially rich but remain poor at heart. The things we own ends up owning us.


Resting is the single most rebellious act you can do for yourself. 

The ability the control over your own time. The freedom to choose what you want to do with your own life. Without the fear of judgment, without feeling guilty for acting contrary to societal expectations. “To waste time” on things that does not return some kind of gains except for the joy of doing it.

No need to ask permission to do what you want to do with the time you have.


Let’s rest

So here’s to those who has break free of their hamster wheel, who writes their own rules on what happiness looks like and crazy enough to live the life of their dreams.


About Singa Polah

Also known as Polah The Lion, Singa Polah likes to eat, sleep and chill. Thinks that people who wake up to work or go to school everyday are amazing.

Special talents: Praising people & Stealing food.

About The Significant Otter

Not much is known about the otter, including her name. She is often seen chasing after Polah to try to get him to eat his broccoli. Occasionally gives in to food temptation.