Why did Singa Polah start investing?

Singa Polah is a lazy lion that likes to eat and sleep. He is happily partnered with the Significant Otter and leads a simple but contented life. The only problem is recently, he found that a monster called ‘inflation’ has been stealing his food…


Polah can work harder to bring more food back but Polah doesn’t like to work… After much searching, he finally stumbled upon the secret of compound interest.


Hence, began Singa Polah’s search for lazy ways to invest.


Investment Philosophy

By guarding his wealth against losses and letting it compound consistently over time, Polah realizes he can grow his money just by sleeping on it.


Polah doesn’t like high-risks ideas because he wants to sleep with a peace of mind every night. Polah is contented with his current lifestyle and not becoming the richest lion in the jungle.



Investing decisions are personal. Depending on your personal circumstances and preference, what works for others might not work for you.


The articles here are written with the assumption that you have more than 100k available for investing. Why? Given the high interest rates that local (Singapore) banks are offering, it is good enough to just put it in a bank. But rates fall after you reach 100k, so the articles here are to help you stretch those dollars.



Singa Polah is a lion. Not a financial advisor/accountant/lawyer. The articles are written based on what Singa Polah has researched and should serve as financial education, not financial advice. Information can become outdated as market changes.


Investing comes with inherent risk, including potential loss of principle. Past market performance does not guarantee future results. When in doubt, please do more research on your own.

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